Win Power 1024 Portable Outdoor Power Supply

Portable Power Supply

Product Features

1.2-hr charge time for 0-100%, 5-6x faster than standard

Bi-directional high-power input/output, 1200W constant current

Seamless power supply, 10ms switch time

Premium automotive-grade battery


Product Parameters

Battery Type LiFePO4
Battery Capacity 1024Wh
Battery Lifespan 3500+
Charging Time
(AC Mains)
1.2 h (1000W input power)
USB Output QC 3.0*2(USB-A) / PD 20W*2(Type-C) /
PD 100W*1(Type-C)
Charging Mode Grid Charge; Solar Charge (MPPT); Car Charger Charge
AC Output 1200W Max.
Input Power 1000W Rated Input
XT60 Input 200W (11.5V-50V)
UPS Functionality Switch Time <10ms
CLS Output 12V/10A*1
Operating Temperature -10 ~ 45℃

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