Hunan Wincle Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. always focuses on the planning consultation, investment construction and operation management of energy infrastructure projects on wind power, PV power, energy storage and charge, and it is a new energy enterprise providing integrated solutions of PV power storage and charge.

With energy storage application technologies as the core, Wincle provides integrated energy storage services of power supply protection and peak-valley arbitrage for customers on power generation side, grid side and user side. The main products include container energy storage system, prefabricated storage system, distributed energy storage system, intelligent PV micro-grid power storage, mobile power supply vehicle, intelligent household storage system, portable power supplies, etc.

Based on the advantages of electrochemical energy storage technologies and new energy industry chain, Wincle is committed to empowering the energy storage industry with advanced cloud computing, big data, virtual power plant and Internet of Things technologies, and building a smart energy trading platform and energy industry ecology.

660000 ㎡ +

Project footprint

10 +

R&D experiences

300 +

Management and R&D personnel

30 +

Export to multiple countries and regions

Cultural concepts

Cultural concepts

◆  S&T Innovation

The S&T are productive forces, and the innovation is the driving force of development. The S&T innovation is the core requirement for the continuous development and progress of Wincle Energy Storage. Wincle absorbs all advanced knowledge and experiences, to empower the innovation and lead the industry trend.


◆  Pursuing Excellence

From a high starting point and high standard,  Wincle Energy Storage aims to achieve higher goals in the industry, pursue excellence and perfection, constantly seeks an optimal combination of talents, technologies and other resources, to maximize the benefits.


◆  Realistic & Pragmatic

Accumulate and polish in each task, making each work precise, detailed, and distinctive, to do what it says and summarize what it does.


◆  Harmonious & Co-developmental

Wincle Energy Storage always adheres to the concept of “People First” and provides equal opportunities and stages for our employees. Wincle Energy Storage always takes the enterprise as our home, persists in unite first, and develops all employees together with itself.

Enterprise Vision

Enterprise Vision

To be the leader of energy storage industry


  The energy storage industry is the focus of national strategies and global attentions. With vigorous enthusiasm, professional strength and solidarity and cooperation spirit, Wincle provides more efficient, safer and harmonious electrochemical energy storage products and services, as well as creative ideas and improvement measures, to drive the flourishing development of energy storage industry.

Enterprise Missions

Enterprise Missions

Empower the energy environment with smart manufacturing technologies


Continuous innovation, pursuit of excellence, and the creation of beauty are the  progressing direction which continuously explored by Wincle Energy Storage, and also the path to realize its social value.  Wincle serves users in the new energy industry with advanced, refined and sophisticated solutions, earnestly fulfilling its social responsibilities.  The proposal of this vision is not only to closely follow the direction of the national "dual carbon" strategy development, but also to improve the energy use environment and empower a bright future.