Cell Technologies

Cell Technologies

Wincle Energy Storage is dedicated to developing cell products with high performance and low cost. The energy storage battery is mainly made of lithium iron phosphate, and adopts the soft lamination process and the square aluminum-shell winding process, to ensure the excellent high energy density, good safety, good consistency and high reliability of the cell.

Low Cost

♦ Intensive scale production technology

♦ Advanced production process design

♦ High capacity cell development

Quick Charge

♦ Ag & hard carbon mixing

♦ Electrolyte optimization

♦ New conductive agent

High Energy Density

♦ Positive electrode:High gram capacity, high voltage, high loading, high surface density

♦ Negative electrode:High gram capacity, high loading, high surface density

♦ Electrolyte:Suitable electrolyte and suitable electrolyte retention

♦ Diaphragm:Thin layer and high safety

♦ Aluminum plastic film:Low density aluminum plastic film

♦ Foil:Thinning, high strength, carbon coating

Long Service Life

♦ Carbon coated aluminum foil technology

♦ Lattice structure optimization of electrode materials

♦ Hierarchical porous structure optimization of electrode

System Integration Technology

System Integration Technology

Research on structured integrated system and industrial technologies, integrate the separate equipment, functions and information into the interrelated, unified and coordinated system, so as to fully share resources and achieve centralized, efficient and convenient management.

BMS Battery Management Technology

BMS Battery Management Technology

Based on the big data model of battery, design the BMS functions for the energy storage battery and system as well as the tiered utilization respectively, and realize the active balanced management mode with the battery acquisition card and battery cloud technology, so as to improve the voltage measurement accuracy, current measurement accuracy and SOC estimation accuracy, reaching the international advanced level.


♦ Low power consumption

♦ energy storage iBMS three-level architecture

♦ battery management system

♦ full life cycle service

♦ high precision state estimation


Cell Technologies


♦ Safety design

♦ Safety verification

♦ Safety simulation


♦ Integrated development of  container

♦ Standardization design of module

♦ Standardization of cell


♦ Structure design:Topology optimization design to reduce the number of parts and innovate structure

♦ New process technologies:Large aluminum alloy die-casting technology, new link technology and surface strengthening technology

♦ New materials:Low density composite materials (carbon fiber, etc.) and high strength metal materials

Thermal Management

Structure design: 3D design of heat transfer structure and function and structure morphology optimization

Design of heat transfer system: Heat pipe technology, high efficiency liquid-cooling technology, phase change material and battery pack integration technology, insulation system design, thermostatic heater parts design

♦ Fire extinguisher design

♦ Topology optimization of spray pipeline

Energy Storage Battery System Integration

Energy Storage Battery System Integration

Achieve the standardization and large-scale applications of energy storage systems based on high-performance independent cell products and advanced battery integration pack


♦ High capacity and stability cell and pack technology

♦ Efficient and low cost thermal management technology for energy storage battery packs

♦ Standardized scalable large-capacity energy storage technology

♦ Mature large-capacity energy storage control integration technology

♦ Advanced energy storage system monitoring platform