Evolution of Wincle Battery


With the development of the energy storage market, it has become a consensus in the industry that the energy storage battery will be specialized. The lithium battery, as the key device to define the electrochemical energy storage, will be dominated in the future. In this era of “Product First”, Wincle Energy Storage will rank top with its experiences and technologies in this rapidly growing energy storage field.



Driven by the dual carbon policy and market demand, the energy storage industry develops rapidly. Relevant data show that it is expected that in 2025 the output capacity of energy storage batteries will exceed 500 GWh in the world, and 2300 GWh in 2030, and the marketing value will exceed 3 trillion RMB.

However, unlike power batteries, which focus on improving the energy density, “Long Cycle Life” has become a key indicator in competition for energy storage batteries. At present, 280 Ah cell has entered mass expansion, with an obvious development toward large capacity. In order to meet the market demand, Wincle Energy Storage always takes large capacity, long cycle and high safety as the primary technological innovation directions.

Focus on Cycle Life & Upgrade Product Performance

The square aluminum shell lithium battery developed by Wincle Energy Storage utilizes a special lamination process, which enables the single cell capacity of the battery to exceed 315Ah. The battery cycle life is expected to exceed 12500 cycles, with a rated energy exceeding 1008Wh and an energy efficiency of over 97%. The battery is made of lithium iron phosphate with good thermal stability, high flame retardant electrolyte, ceramic diaphragm, as well as high safety electrode and top cover design, further improving its stability and safety.

In addition to the high battery performance, Wincle has applied the digital and intelligent technologies into all processes of cell production. The key parameters in all processes, such as coating, die cutting, high temperature formation, volume separation, can be monitored real-time in the production process. Once there is any problem in the products, the equipment will alarm in the first time, while the problem cell will be screened and processed to ensure the reliable quality.



Develop Dedicated Batteries & Seize Energy Storage Market

In the face of huge market demand, the dedicated batteries for the energy storage scenarios are required in the industry. It has become a common manufacturing path in the industry to develop corresponding batteries for different energy storage scenarios. By grasping the industry trend and taking the dedicated batteries path, Wincle Energy Storage will pay more attentions on the batteries and systems.

For large-scale energy storage systems and industrial and commercial energy storage systems, Wincle uses large-capacity square aluminum-shell batteries. For example, in the industrial and commercial energy storage charging bank newly launched by Wincle, on the one hand, its large-capacity battery can effectively reduce the number of parallel connections, thus reducing the asynchronous attenuation caused by the inconsistency of internal resistance between cells, guaranteeing the long cycle life and high energy density of cells, and extending the service life; on the other hand, it can simplify the system integration, thus empowering it for large-scale energy storage systems such as wind and PV power station and energy storage station.

For household energy storage products, Wincle chooses the soft-pack batteries that can be sized and adjusted according to customer requirements. Among them, the household energy storage cell 0.5C has a cycle life of up to 6000 weeks, and the standby energy storage and communication base station cells have a cycle life of over 2500 weeks. In order to improve the cost-effectiveness, Wincle reduces the side effects in the use of the batteries through the optimal combination of positive and negative electrodes and electrolytes, thus reducing the cost by 10%-20% compared with that of the conventional iron lithium batteries, and greatly reducing the replacement cost and maintenance load.

Regardless of the power generation side, the grid side, the user side, Wincle Energy Storage cells can provide the support for various application scenarios.



In the future, the energy storage path is fully opened. In the face of diversified energy storage scenarios, Wincle Energy Storage will keep up with the market demand, develop more energy storage technologies in a win-win way, make innovations, improve product performance and quality, to explore a broader energy storage market with a more open attitude.

Inviting you to join us at the Intersolar Europe 2023


Inviting you to join us at the Intersolar Europe 2023