Wincle Project Spotlight: Successful Grid Connection of "Solar-Storage-Diesel" Project at Zimbabwean Mine

Wincle Energy's "Solar-Storage-Diesel" Project Successfully Grid-Connects, Powering Zimbabwean Lithium Mine.

We has achieved a major milestone with the successful grid connection of their "Solar-Storage-Diesel" project, providing reliable power to the Zimbabwean lithium mine. Spanning an area of 16 square kilometers, the lithium mine has an annual ore processing capacity of 700,000 tons. Given the high electricity prices in Zimbabwe, the project utilizes the abundant solar resources in the region and adopts a smart microgrid model combining photovoltaics, energy storage, and diesel generators, facilitating efficient utilization of distributed energy resources.

Wincle Energy has supplied a comprehensive 6.2 MWh energy storage system for the lithium mine. Currently, the project achieves a maximum daily electricity generation of 80,000 kWh, with an average of 57,500 kWh. This accounts for over 20% of the mine's daily electricity consumption, significantly reducing the reliance on diesel generators and lowering electricity costs (with photovoltaic generation costing only about 1/20th of diesel generation per unit). As the rainy season in Zimbabwe concludes and the installation of the energy storage station is completed, the project will provide even more stable and efficient power supply to the mine, further increasing the proportion of renewable energy consumption.

This project marks Zimbabwe's first solar power station with energy storage, as well as the first energy system combining grid power, diesel generation, photovoltaics, and energy storage. By harnessing renewable energy resources and advanced storage technologies, Wincle Energy is driving Zimbabwe's energy transition and providing reliable and cost-effective electricity supply for economic and social development.

Green and Efficient Energy Utilization! Wincle Energy Signs Three Energy Management Agreements

Green and Efficient Energy Utilization! Wincle Energy Signs Three Energy Management Agreements