Honor | Wincle Energy Storage Wins the Gao Gong Golden Globe Award for 2023 Emerging Enterprise

From December 14th to 16th, the 2023 Gao Gong Energy Storage Annual Conference and Gao Gong Golden Globe Award Ceremony, hosted by Gao Gong Energy Storage and Gao Gong Industrial Research Institute, were grandly held in Shenzhen. Wincle Energy Storage was honored with the "2023 Gao Gong Golden Globe Award for Emerging Enterprise."

The award, based on the principles of fairness, impartiality, and transparency, combines public voting and professional selection methods. It aims to encourage industry innovation, openness, and integration while emphasizing responsibility and commitment. Wincle Energy Storage's recognition highlights its continuous efforts in expanding the application of energy storage in multiple scenarios and stimulating the vitality of the energy storage industry.

Thanks to its leading technological research and development capabilities and customized energy solutions, Wincle Energy Storage has achieved remarkable growth and impressive market performance in 2023. Building upon years of energy storage technology research and development, the company has established a solid foundation and has gained momentum in its development. Its success can be attributed to its commitment to innovation and delivering tailored energy solutions that meet the specific needs of its customers.

Liquid Cooling Replacing Air Cooling as the Mainstream

Wincle Energy Storage's liquid cooling energy storage system has emerged as the mainstream technology, surpassing traditional air cooling methods. By utilizing direct heat dissipation through liquid convection, the system effectively reduces battery temperatures. This approach offers superior heat dissipation efficiency, faster cooling rates, and improved temperature uniformity. The liquid cooling system boasts advantages such as high specific heat capacity and rapid cooling. It is particularly suitable for applications where battery packs have high energy density, fast charging and discharging rates, and significant temperature fluctuations in the environment.

314Ah Prismatic Cell Used for Large-Scale Energy Storage

Diverging from traditional bare cells that are susceptible to deformation and pose safety risks after prolonged use, Wincle Energy Storage has adopted the use of 314Ah prismatic cells. This choice significantly improves space utilization and increases cell pack redundancy by 3%. Additionally, it eliminates the issue of cell deformation associated with bare cells, greatly enhancing both the safety and cycling performance of the cells. These 314Ah prismatic cells are well-suited for various applications, including energy storage containers, energy storage cabinets, home energy storage systems, and portable power supplies.

Wincle Energy Storage launched 5MWh Container Solution

Wincle Energy Storage has unveiled its latest 5MWh container solution, featuring the utilization of 314Ah cells. Through optimizing the grouping structure and conductive connections of the cells, the single compartment capacity of the 20-foot container has been increased from 3.44MWh to 5.016MWh. Compared to the previous generation of products, this solution boasts high energy density and highly integrated components, resulting in space savings of over 30%.

This award serves as a recognition and affirmation of Wincle Energy Storage's products, technologies, and market prospects, highlighting the comprehensive strength and brand influence of the company. Wincle remains committed to the path of professional energy management, collaborating with industry partners to build a healthy industry ecosystem, accelerate the high-quality development of new energy storage, and create greater value for global customers.

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