User side



Peak-valley Price Difference Arbitrage • Standby Power • Dynamic Capacity Increase • Cut Peaks & Fill Valleys

The energy storage on the user side is mainly used for peak cutting and valley filling in industrial and commercial and household applications. At present, it is mainly used in charging and changing stations, 5G base stations, data centers and other energy-intensive industries, to reduce the power costs through power distribution and storage.

Program Characteristics

1. Cut power peaks and fill power valleys to save the power costs.

2. Use uninterruptible power to ensure stable power supply.

3. Use intelligent control for real-time power scheduling.

4. Make multi-scenario applications, covering a variety of power consumption links.


Customer’s Values

1. Provide adequate backup power supplies.

2. Cut power peaks and fill power valleys to ensure power supply.

3. Reduce cost and increase efficiency, to save production costs.

4. Solve the problems of power grid capacity expansion and equipment charging.

Wincle’s Advantages

1. Leading iBMS and iEMS technologies and full cycle management.

2. 7*24 h dynamic monitoring, fault alarm, and timely isolation.

3. Autonomous operation with friendly tracking, scheduling and griding performance.

4. Comprehensive cloud monitoring and multi-level protection.