Star Series Cabinet ESS (96/144/192kwh)

Energy Storage Cabinet

Application scenarios

Industry and commerce





Product Highlights

Building a Secure Foundation with 360° Comprehensive Protection

● Material Safety I Structural Safety | System Safety | Protective Safety

More Economical and Intelligent,Boosting Cost Reduction and Efficiency

● Cycle Life of 12,500 Cycles I Deep Integration of 3S | Small Footprint

Flexible and Reliable Design,Creating Comprehensive Application Solutions

● Modular Design I Environmental Adaptability | Grid Compatibility

Product Parameters




AC Side (Grid-connected)
Rated AC Output Power 60kW
Max. AC Output Power 72kW@1min
Max. AC Current 103A
Rated AC Voltage 400V
AC Voltage Range 300 ~ 440V
Rated Grid Freq. 1 Grid Freq. Range 50/60Hz
AC Current Harmonics <3% (@ Rated PWR.)
Adjustable Power Factor Range -1~1
AC Side (Off- Grid)
Rated AC Voltage 400V
AC Voltage Harmonics <3%(Linear Load)
Rated Grid Freq. 1 Grid Freq. Range 50/60Hz
Rated AC Output Power 60kW
Maximum AC Output Power 72kW
Max. Efficiency 0.99


DC Side
Number of DC Inputs 2/3/4
Max. DC Voltage 350.4 / 525.61 / 700.8V
Min. DC Voltage 240 / 360 / 480V
Voltage Working Range at DC Rated Power 340~700.8V
Max. DC Working Current 157A
Rated DC Input Power 60kW
DC PV Side
Rated Power 60kW
Max. Input Voltage 1000V
MPPT Voltage Range 150~1000V
Max. Current per MPPT 45A
Number of MPPT inputs 4
STS(Optional) Power 120kW
ATS(Optional) Rated Current 400A
Charging Pile (Optional) Maximum Power 60kW

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