Wincle & Witcarbon Collaborate to Create China's First Mobile Energy Storage Charging Project

Hunan Wincle Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing WitCarbon Zhonghe Resources Technology Co., Ltd. , and Hebei Yandao Zhongyu New Energy Development Co., Ltd. have recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The three parties will leverage their respective technological and resource advantages to jointly create China's first mobile energy storage charging project - the Shijiazhuang Electric Heavy-Duty Truck and Locomotive Mobile Energy Storage Charging Project, contributing to the realization of green logistics and carbon reduction goals.

To implement the new energy storage development plan for the 14th Five-Year Plan in Hebei Province, promote green and low-carbon logistics, and accelerate the achievement of the "dual carbon" goals, the city of Shijiazhuang has recently mandated that all large-scale transportation heavy-duty trucks must be replaced with electric vehicles before entering the urban area for transportation. As of now, Hebei Yandao has deployed 400 electric heavy-duty trucks, but the scarcity of charging stations has resulted in difficulties in charging for this type of vehicle, causing traffic congestion at charging stations and reduced transportation efficiency.

To address these industry pain points, Wincle Energy has joined forces with Witcarbon Zhonghe to provide a green and low-carbon system solution. Under the agreement, Witcarbon, as a comprehensive low-carbon system solution service provider, will focus on providing low-carbon consultation, carbon reduction design, and other services related to the "dual carbon" goals, promoting the transformation of traditional logistics into environmentally friendly and low-carbon green logistics.

Wincle Energy, as a digital energy management service enterprise with energy storage as its core, is committed to solving the problem of charging difficulties for heavy-duty trucks. It has pioneered a mobile energy storage charging system, creating a large-scale "charging treasure" that is mobile and shareable through intelligent interconnection. This promotes the transformation of heavy-duty truck charging from the traditional fixed charging station mode to a flexible and shared mobile charging station.

Wincle's mobile energy storage charging technology is not only suitable for mobile charging of heavy-duty trucks but also provides solutions for various charging scenarios such as electric buses, highway services, commercial complexes, and industrial parks.

This collaboration combines advanced mobile energy storage charging technology, forward-looking carbon reduction design, and new energy logistics. It not only helps to solve industry pain points but also sets an example for reducing carbon emissions in logistics transportation and developing green logistics. In the future, Wincle Energy and Witcarbon Zhonghe will continue to explore cooperation with industry partners, promote green new energy strategies, and contribute to the early achievement of the "dual carbon" goals.

Wincle Energy Adds New Projects in Henan and Zhejiang Provinces!

Wincle Energy Adds New Projects in Henan and Zhejiang Provinces!