Power generation side



Joint Frequency Modulation • Increase New Energy Absorption • Smooth Output

In the face of the goal of “Carbon Neutralization”, it is expected that the installed demand of renewable energy storage system will increase continuously in the future, which will put forward higher requirements for the absorption of power grid. With our highly reliable design and comprehensive safety management, Wincle energy storage system can provide a variety of services for new energy stations, such as smooth power generation, primary frequency modulation, wind and light abandonment recovery, to help low-carbon green power connect to the grid smoothly.

Program Characteristics

1. Reduce the power generation planning deviation and improve the prediction accuracy.

2. Reduce wind and electricity abandonment and cut power peaks and fill power valleys.

3. Provide auxiliary services for peak and frequency regulation, and obtain corresponding compensation benefits.

4. Effectively reduce the power transmission blocking effect.


Customer’s Values

1. Improve the utilization rate of new energy power generation channels and enhance the power access capacity.

2. Reduce wind and light abandonment and effectively solve the energy absorption problem.

3. Improve the power quality of the energy storage stations.

4. Improve the power station output characteristics.

Wincle’s Advantages

1. Square aluminum-shell battery with excellent cycle life, safety and thermal performance.

2. Modular design with convenient installation and debugging.

3. Autonomous operation, tracking and scheduling, friendly grid connection.

4. Comprehensive cloud monitoring and multi-level protection.