Power grid side



Cut Peaks & Fill Valleys • Adjust Peaks & Frequencies

The energy storage on the power grid side is mainly used for peak and frequency regulation, alleviating the transmission congestion and providing auxiliary services in power market. Wincle energy storage system can be used to realize the dynamic capacity increase, parallel connections for multiple sets, demand management and other functions, accept more renewable energy in the transmission and distribution sides, and ensure safe, efficient and low-cost operation of the power grid.

Program Characteristics

1. Reduce the power generation planning deviation and improve the prediction accuracy.

2. Reduce wind and electricity abandonment and cut power peaks and fill power valleys

3. Provide the auxiliary services for peak and frequency regulation, and obtain. corresponding compensation benefits.

4. Effectively reduce the transmission blocking effect.


Customer’s Values

1. Undertake the depth frequency modulation instructions of the power grid from government to obtain benefits.

2. Meet the requirements of electric power regulation, avoid fines and get rewards.

3. Prolong the service life of the unit, provide timely alarm, and reduce the failure rate.

4. Assist stable operation of the power grid and reduce the operation and maintenance costs.

Wincle’s Advantages

1. Square aluminum-shell battery with excellent cycle life, safety and thermal performance.

2. Modular design with convenient installation and debugging.

3. Autonomous operation, tracking and scheduling, friendly grid connection.

4. Comprehensive cloud monitoring and multi-level protection.